Hardship Services

Collection House is here to help.


A specialist Hardship Team is available to provide support for those in financial difficulty.

All Hardship requests are addressed on a timely basis in compliance with our obligations under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act and the National Credit Code (collectively, the NCC).

To assist us to make an informed decision, we may request relevant information and documentation to support your request for Hardship assistance.

Our approach is non-judgemental and non-biased. We are well versed in the management of sensitive issues, specifically financial hardship management, and acknowledge:

  • Financial hardship has broader impacts and causes for individuals and can be temporary or permanent
  • In times of hardship we recognise the importance of having access to empathetic and skilled staff who are able to promptly address your concerns
  • Every customer’s circumstances underpinning their hardship is personal and unique
  • Life throws us curve balls. Our key objective is to help you overcome immediate financial challenges while recognising there are many facets to hardship.

We are here to help you… Call us now on 1800 051 753